Mom bops into my room. She needs to measure my head for the hat she’s crocheting. I am in tears watching Grey’s Anatomy s11ep21. Ohh, what happened? Mom asks. Derek got in a car accident. Ohh, that’s so sad she sighs as she wraps the cloth around my head. It’s kind of nice like a hug. A few more rows, she decides, so it’s not too tight. She says she hopes Derek is ok. She bops away. By the time I get out of bed to blow my nose she has finished the hat, it is perched on the stair railing outside the bathroom. It is not even a little too tight. It is the color of a raspberry and the stitching kind of looks like a raspberry. *****SPOILER ALERT***** he dies. I am sad, and shaken, but raspberry hat has arrived just in time...In fact raspberry hat has been waiting for me. I wear raspberry hat all day it feels like a mom hug. RIP Dr. Derek Shepherd


One of those episodes that spans months instead of days. Something really intense happens, like Miranda's father's I have always been a proud father...until today monologue (infuriating), and then the screen fades black and back—with a little "new year's eve" heading in the corner. And then we're at a party in Cristina and Callie's apartment. ???

This is my least favorite kind of episode because it feels like filtering in and out of consciousness. It feels like I've missed episodes in between. I can't think of why this would be an advantageous way to tell the story.

Alain de Bottom's The Course of Love goes from meet-cute to first kiss to marriage in a single chapter. Zooming out makes us sentimental, and breaks life into memories in real time. We don't have this sort of awareness with our living lives, so it's nice sometimes to read stories this way. Not to watch, though. I usually love holiday episodes.